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The original “Anorak” Radio Show ran from 2007-2012 and could be heard on SLAY Radio. The shows were broadcast live from the UK on a Monday evening around 19.00 GMT with direct listener and audience interaction and song requests via the internet. They focused on the jolly creative people, music, and remixes of the Commodore 64 micro computer. They also contained many owls and much cheesecake.

The “Anorak” contains much jolly music, singing, silliness, and even some swanee whistle and kazoo! Most shows are about 3 hours long (Christmas specials a bit longer). The beeptastically superb “Anorak Theme” was created by the wondrous K8-bit and can be found on HERE 😀

So if you would like to geek out and download the old beepy shows please see below  :)

Anorak – you know it makes no sense!


27/02/12 – Tri Dot Repeat – INFO AND DOWNLOAD
05/03/12 – Time To Go – INFO AND DOWNLOAD
12/03/12 – Serpentine – INFO AND DOWNLOAD
19/03/12 – Brian Blessed – INFO AND DOWNLOAD
26/03/12 – Kilburn Sands – INFO AND DOWNLOAD
02/04/12 – Quorn And Cheese – INFO AND DOWNLOAD
16/04/12 – Fred Harris – INFO AND DOWNLOAD
23/04/12 – Broadband Drought – DOWNLOAD
30/04/12 – Introduction To Basic – INFO AND DOWNLOAD
07/05/12 – Speccy Pi – INFO AND DOWNLOAD
21/05/12 – Olimpick Stick – INFO AND DOWNLOAD
25/06/12 – Bag Hag – INFO AND DOWNLOAD
02/07/12 – Medieval Lemons – INFO AND DOWNLOAD


11/04/11 – 3rd Anniversary Anorak Special – INFO AND DOWNLOAD
19/12/11 – Christmas in Kilburn – INFO AND DOWNLOAD

(will post more shows as I sort them)

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  1. Thanks for having a secondary archive of your old shows on your site! (the Slay Radio page hasn’t restored that section yet) I lost my job shortly before your shows resumed in 2012, and haven’t had a chance to sit in one place listening to headphones for 3+ hours at a time again until now, but I’ve been looking forward to catching up!

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