Mar 142010

Many of you will know I am a complete retro computer geek. Specifically Commodore 64 and 16, but I collect other systems like ZX Sinclair Spectrum, Atari, Coleco, etc. Back in the day I used to program games and adventures and do all sorts of fun things with them. Easy tiger.

Anyway, back in the mid 80’s a company called Melbourne House released a text adventure called “Hampstead”. For the uninitiated a text adventure is a game where you type in a series of commands and you try and solve puzzles and pick up objects and find treasure, etc. It’s very much like reading a book. You create the locations in your imagination :)

The aim of Hampstead was not just to reach Hampstead, but to attain it. Questions and answers posed on the advert below included:

Questions people ask about Hampstead:
Q: Is there life after Hampstead?
A: No, Only before and during…

Q: Why do dustbins have no lids in Hampstead?
A: In order that passers-by may see the week’s completed Guardian
crosswords stacked neatly within…

As I now live not far away from Hampstead I am determined to complete this classic game and therefore attain my own version of Hampstead and hopefully my own bicycle with a basket 😉

Check out Hampstead on World of Spectrum and get yourself an emulator to attain Hampstead with me :)