Feb 282012

“Can you Save the Ospreys?”

Auntie Anna brings you her cosy Anorak LIVE from Kilburn, London for 3.24  hours of retro micro computer comedy fun and owl based chat on SLAY Radio (the home of Commodore 64* remixes) This week there is a spanking brand new boppily brilliant introduction tune courtesy of K8bit! Hoopla!

Anna brings you the choicest and most delectable new tunes, your online requests, another ace track from the new 8 Bit Weapon album Bits with Byte, and an exclusive from K8Bit. There is news about the SLAYRadio Gathering, a new Retro Computer Museum Event, and the Classic Arcade Game Tournament  HISCORE 2012 in Manchester. We also chat about Birmingham, and it’s water based navigation system.

There is much cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesecake, screeching, squawking, swanee whistle, kazoo, and Monty Mole VS Can you Save the Ospreys!

Anorak – you know it makes no sense!

194 mins / Direct Download Link

* Commodore 64 = a home computer from the 1980/90’s which contains a most impressive sound chip

** SID = Sound Interface Device (the aforementioned most impressive sound chip and also shorthand for a tune prepared on the aforementioned Commodore 64)

*** this show contains singing and/or extra owls…