Jul 262013


The Android software being used is called tapDancer. It’s beautifully made and great fun to play with. There is quite a lot of trial and error with volume, loaders and games, but that’s retro computing! I’ve managed to get a fair few games to work and it’s superb.

You can find tapDancer on Google Play and the developer site is tapDancer.info

Highly recommended! Thanks to @backintimelive for the tip off.

p.s. here’s a little bit of “Frankie Goes To Hollywood” loading music from the game of the same name loading on my C64.

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  1. Hi Anna,

    We are really chuffed that you like the app.

    We’ve just released a new version, which adds support for T64 and PRG files as well (with a turbo loader), in addition to BBC Micro/Acorn, MSX and Atari 8 bit support.

    All the best,

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